Support For any Technical Support please contact us through email or call directly to +971 4 886 2188


1. Can i visit the yard to buy the Machinery of my choice?

Yes any of the website members can visit our yard, you can book a visit by calling +971 4 886 2188

2. Do you accept cheques, credit/debit cards, cash or electronic transfer as a payment method?

Yes we do accept all the above methods

3. When the Machinery will be delivered to me?

As soon as we confirm the transaction of the invoice amount has been Fully processed the vehicles will be delivered to you immediately

4. When will i get the Legal Documents of the Machinery ownership?

When the invoice Full amount is paid then the Documentation will be delivered to you immediately

5. The price of the Machinery includes the Duty?

the Duty you pay in your country

6. Are the cars imported by an agent from Japan to your shop?

No the cars are directly imported through Japan from our sister company EDOBOEKI

7. Will be any hidden costs on the purchase of a vehicle?

No the total price of the car as shown on the website is the total amount you have to pay